M. Kathleen Joyce & Associates                                                                    
                                  Helping individuals, groups, and organizations develop capacities to move beyond their boundaries

Outstanding leaders must constantly ask how they can improve their team’s productivity and effectiveness.  Thriving organizations need to creatively expand capacity in every aspect of their businesses.  Successful people have to move beyond current skills and comfort zones to meet perpetually changing requirements and challenges.   

M. Kathleen Joyce & Associates can help! 

M. Kathleen Joyce & Associates is founded on a belief that focusing on four “back to basics” concepts – fostering exceptional communication, planning for success, working from the right data-informed processes, and purposefully re-examining how best to work – can make all the difference between an organization or program progressing beyond its boundaries to reach success, or halting at barriers and reverting to "business as usual."  

To support our clients, we offer two main types of services: communication facilitation services, and organization improvement consulting services.  In addition, we have special expertise in a number of content areas.

Communication Facilitation Services include facilitating and moderating all manner of meetings, with any number of participants, in a way that identifies and accomplishes specific goals.  These services also include working with individual managers or teams to assess communication approaches and effectiveness, and to improve individual skills and/or group dynamics.  Our company also offers customized training related specifically to communication, or to ensuring that staff members at all levels understand core policies, processes, or aspects of corporate culture or program delivery.
Organization Improvement (OI) Consulting Services involve a process for identifying organizational issues or program needs and taking results-oriented and measurable actions to address them. The process includes assessing or evaluating relevant aspects of an organization or program by collecting data and performing quantitative and qualitative analysis.  The data collection and analysis determines the current state of an organization, program, or unmet need, and helps to identify the changes needed. Implementing changes and measuring results fosters continual improvement in meeting customer needs and achieving program and organizational goals.

Special Expertise.  MKJ's work ranges through many content areas, and our approaches can work for any organization or program.  In addition, our company can offer special expertise in consulting for government organizations at federal, state, and local levels.  MKJ also provides services for all aspects of grant making - from both grantee and grantor perspectives - with experience in everything from planning solicitations and chairing selection panels, to assisting grantees with grant management and audit resolution.  In addition, clients from scientific, health and education organizations have especially requested our services, providing us with extensive experience in these areas.  

Read more about us, our mission and approach, our communication facilitation services, and our organization improvement consulting services.  Then please contact me, Kathy Joyce, to speak about how we can work together to help your team, program, or organization develop capacities to move beyond its boundaries. 

We are always interested in talking about partnership opportunities, including serving as a small business subcontractor, or engaging others who can serve as one of our consultants or subject matter experts.  Contact us for more information.

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