M. Kathleen Joyce & Associates                                                                    
                                  Helping individuals, groups, and organizations develop capacities to move beyond their boundaries
Our Mission and Approach

 Our mission is to help individuals, groups and organizations develop capacities to move beyond their boundaries. 

This statement is not just words to us.  Whether related to communication facilitation services, or organizational improvement consulting services, all of our tools, products and services are based on an approach that systematically helps clients to:

~  Define organizations or programs and goals
~  Understand current and needed capacities
~  Identify and address barriers, boundaries and strengths
~  Continuously move forward to success

 Define Organizations or Programs and Goals.  M. Kathleen Joyce & Associates (MKJ) has specific tools to help define an organization or program, identify its specific goals and contributions toward related goals, and guide it toward reaching those goals. One of our important beliefs is that good planning can make all the difference between success and failure.  We espouse the proven adage, "Well begun is half done."  This is true whether the tasks will be accomplished at a one-day meeting, or over several years.  Our tools help individuals, groups and organizations to identify goals and measures (key performance indicators) to ensure reaching those goals.  We bring teams together effectively to plan progress toward the goals, and to set specific tasks, timelines, and measures for processes and outcomes.  Back to top.

 Understand Current and Needed Capacities.  MKJ works with clients to identify needed capacities in every aspect of an organization, to assess current capacities, and to develop plans to fill the gaps.  Within a workplace, understanding needed capacities includes understanding organizational goals and specific jobs.  Within a team or program, understanding needed capacities requires understanding the tasks the group is meant to accomplish, and the environment in which the accomplishments are meant to occur. We work with managers and team members to understand specific requirements to achieve objectives, and to analyze the competencies and technologies that can assist.  We have tools to help assess where an organization currently stands in relationship to the gaps between its current and needed capacities. Based on analysis of the data, we work with organizations and teams or programs to plan approaches most fruitful to filling the gaps.  Back to top.

 Identify and Address Barriers, Boundaries and Strengths.  MKJ has proven processes to identify barriers and boundaries, to measure their impact on organizational improvement, and to develop strategies for overcoming them. Additionally, we work with organizations to determine which barriers and boundaries are real and which are only perceived because of organizational culture, individual assumptions, or other reasons.  Capitalizing on strengths is as important as ameliorating weaknesses, and our tools and approaches also help to identify strengths and how to foster them.  Back to top.

 Continuously Move Forward to Success.  Our company provides assessment of results, and offers additional customized services to ensure successful outcomes.  Good planning and analysis is the first step in moving toward success. However, in the end, a plan not well implemented is just a pile of expensive paper.  Measuring results and continuous improvement can help ensure success for any organization, team, program or endeavor.  We can provide customized assistance with data tracking and dashboards, employee education, business development, or other areas to help clients reach their goals.  Back to top.

See more about our communication facilitation services and organization improvement consulting services to help clients develop capacities to move beyond their boundaries.

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